The brief for this project was to get planning permission for two designer houses on a family piece of land located on Windgate Rise, Howth. The land was located within a built up area of Howth on a higher section of the peninsula. The entrance road was to the south and the slight was sloped.

We believe the most important ingredient in a home is the natural sunlight. It changes how people feel on a daily basis. The problem with this site was that the sun was primarily on the roadside of the site. This meant you would be on public view, and restricted your ability to spill out to the south side of the site. In addition to this we have worked with the local council many times in Howth and are fully aware of how restrictive Howth can be. The main restrictions are the protected views and restrictions on the heights of buildings. While Architect’s can come up with many inventive solutions, we cannot change the position of the sun.Therefore, we concentrate on the second element of the problem, that being; overlooking from the roadside. The solution was simply to create the patio spaces to the front of the houses but to screen these off from view with natural vegetation. We did this by raising a 1m high dry stone wall either side of a clay ditch and planted a 1m high hedge in the centre. This will give an immediate screening of 2m which is sufficient to achieve privacy for the occupants. In addition to maximising the glazing to the southern elevation, as the houses are single storey we have the ability to bring light through the roof to any part of the house, which means that every room in the house will have natural light.

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